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Award-winning author Robert Capko writes Action/Adventure Thrillers including the John Paxton series. He is a veteran of the United States Air Force and lives in Florida.

Check out SAY GOODBYE and THE LONG ROAD HOME available at Amazon,, Barnes & Noble, Apple iBooks and other places. 




Paxton is commanded to lead a team on a dangerous mission-supposedly to rescue the pilot of a stealth fighter shot down over Serbia. Yet, nothing is as it seems. As the mission goes from bad to worse, Paxton uncovers a deadly plot that threatens National Security. But to fight an enemy with ties to one of the most dangerous organizations on the planet, he risks not only his own life, but also the lives of the people he loves the most.

Taking the long road home so others may live. United States Air Force Para rescue Jumper (PJ) John Paxton, hero of SAY GOODBYE, is back. His family wants him to return home safely from a treacherous mission sparked by the downing of a Stealth fighter jet. The Par arescue training program back at Lackland Air Force Base requires his leadership. Young PJs await his guidance. He can look forward to the comfort of a daily routine--if he goes home now.


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